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Upload: Some face templates!
This is a complete set of faces I first made in January 2008. O_O

All my current lj icon pictures are of 3rd generation sims created with these templates. Well, sort of. I recently tweaked the eyes to be a wee bit smaller. As much as I enjoy hoarding my goodies (not really, I'm just, er, pathologically introverted), I figured I would finally share these because I keep coming back to them even three years later. That means there's a chance someone else might like them, even though there are lots of other nicer sets available nowadays. :)

It should be noted that the proportions are shorter than the ones I have up on MTS. I don't know if it's a good idea to mix and match these with those, but then again I never tried. And they probably have the same problem with all-look-sameness as most other template sets.

I'm not 100% satisfied with them (e.g. the jaws are wonky because I was overzealous about trying to fix something weird about how female faces breed in TS2, and I got lazy with the noses... but at least they have noses this time). Also as I've said before I'm not an artist and I couldn't care less about realism in my game. My goal was to create recognizable versions of the Maxis faces that breed reasonably well together without all being clones. I also wanted to preserve the possibility of some mild ape-faceyness and plain janes because... I kinda like it and I miss it when it's gone.

I'm really new at uploading things this way so bear with me if I break something in the process.

I apologize for the horrible preview shots. I'm reeeeally lazy. Click to make them bigger.

Adult Females

Adult Males

Download HERE

--Compressorized, yay.
--Goes in your downloads folder like everything else. Can be placed in subfolders if you want. If you don't want, just delete.
--Download both files from the first post here so face 21 & 25 will function correctly and so the alien archetype will show up in Bodyshop & CAS. Download the file from post 11 if you want the Eelf and Alien templates to be available to new townies and NPCs.
--The Alien template is NOT a Pollination Technician replacement.
--Installing face replacements doesn't affect how your existing sims look. You have to make new sims to see the effects.
--Previews taken with Leh's skintones, which can be found here, and smjoshsims 's edits of Phobia's eyes. Hair by simgarooop .

Special Bonus:
If you want matching Pollination Technician and Ideal Plantsim replacements (just clones of the Alien and Eelf template genes), get them here:

Enjoy! Now that these are done I might actually boot up the game to play for a change. When I finally get around to posting pics from my game you'll see more of these faces, for better or worse. :D

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Oh, these look nice. I snagged 'em. Thank you very much~

You're welcome! I hope you like them. :)

Oh, definitely going to try these out :) They look very nice! Thanks a lot for sharing ^^

Cool. I hope you'll like them!

Due to my face-template-ADHD I've also been working on fixing up another set I made last year. I plan on uploading that by next week.

I don't know what it is with me, but as soon as I upload one set I have the urge to make or fix another.

Oh! I have recently finished combining a perfect set of face templates, consisting of Nailati's finished templates and some of her WIP ones, complemented with your old ones from MTS. (The WIP ones also breed rather well when the missing ages are added from your template!)

As a result of this juggling of files, your name looked very familiar when I happened upon your LJ, so I thought I'd stop by and say thank you! And now you have this new set and even a newer one! I am already in the middle of creating townies, but will I be able to resist these?

You're very welcome! It's always nice to hear that folks still find the 2006 set useful. :) Have fun creating your new townies.

User inferiarecoming referenced to your post from resources saying: [...] terrakosmos [...]

I've always loooooved your default replacements and have used the MTS version since I discovered it years ago. Just saw these and see the difference (the smoother lines and such) and appreciate that they still look like Maxis faces (but "new and improved")! I am not a huge fan of realism in TS2, either (I use Maxis hair and objects that match), so I really appreciate your work. Wanted to express my gratitude (after years of being a fan! ;)

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